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Become a Great Manager

There's a secret to it. And it doesn't rest on having an MBA. We've done decades-long research to find what makes organizations endure. We also found what universally felled companies, even if they had the best products and services. Simply, the ability to get the Big Picture is an absolute requirement to success. It's not just a nicety. Not getting the Big Picture correlates with every failure, whether it has happened in business or on space missions.

This is why we threw all our resources into developing a plan that will enable anyone to get the Big Picture. It is the MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do.

What You'll Experience

The Big Picture Plan is an online course comprised of 10 modules. We've designed it to be taken at one module per week. The lessons are approximately 30 minutes so that they can fit easily into any day. We recommend taking the lesson at the same time and day every week. It will feel easy. Yet, the lessons will stay with you in a big way. You will start to see how vastly different the new concepts, tools and approaches are to everything you've previously known. You'll live in a new world of constant aha's.

What You'll Get

You will learn how to find and evaluate your own organization's information and make it relevatory. You'll master a discipline for thinking and sleuthing and how not to get thrown off by bureaucracy, doubt, politics, time management black-holes and other saboteurs. The course culminates in drawing your organization's blueprint that informs new decision-making skills.

All tools, assessments and plans go into your personal portfolio that you will receive upon completion.

You will be granted access to additional premium content on this website containing reading lists, charts and checklists.

But most importantly, YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED. We guarantee it.