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"I want to be a good leader"

Don’t most managers, directors, execs and owners want this? Well, yes. But, it’s like wanting to be a good spouse, golfer or chess player. The intention is there, but understanding dynamics and their drivers takes time and perfecting the skills to master them takes even longer.

That gap between intention and reality has some leaders hiring coaches. It is nice to have someone in your corner with whom you can safely test things. But, the answers that come back are intrinsically flawed. Coaches are not trained in organizational systems. More importantly, the information they get is singularly through the lens of their client. Coach and leader end up working in a vacuum. On-point strategy and its required actions arise only out of understanding a complex context which, sadly, evades the coach-leader dyad.

Studies show that everything good and lasting comes from seeing the big picture
The problem is no one ever taught leaders how to do this
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shows leaders how to conceptualize their firms as the dynamic systems that they are

Seeing the big picture was once the exclusive province of great management consultants. Good leaders can certainly hire management consultants. We’re all for that. The Big Picture Plan grew out of our consultancy’s multi-decades-worth of helping clients see their issues and opportunities and crafting plans that creatively address them. (We didn’t earn 15 years of Better Business Bureau A+ ratings for nothing). But, leaders of SMBs can’t afford the Deloitte daily rate of $16,000. Even a smaller consultancy will, by necessity, tally months of analysis and planning work. We’re talking tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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at $3795, is a ridiculously affordable alternative to hiring costly management consultants

But The Big Picture Plan is so much more than management consulting. It is not just for today's issues. It is a training that transforms the rest of your professional life. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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instills critical thinking and leadership skills which you take with you wherever you go

We show you how to best control the forces of nature and business (and we show you exactly what these are) rather than you becoming a defensive player, forever catching up and never feeling fully in control.

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levels up your business acumen and leadership abilities effortlessly and easily

Distilled into irreducible truths–not available anywhere else–the course is a go-to source for even management consultants whose MBA educations missed the wisdom which only comes about when dots are connected. Not only are erudite concepts and how they connect and relate to one another methodically presented, but watching each module is entertaining and fun.

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leads to a bullet-proof plan of action specific to your business

But we know that is not enough, because...

We live in a time of monumental upheaval
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comes with lifetime access so that you can forever build the next plans of action for new challenges

And you won’t do it alone, because...

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comes with a mastermind community where you can either be anonymous or make lifetime peer friends

Trepidation? There's a trapdoor alternative.

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